Mother's Day is this Sunday. Since it's almost summer time, here are a few summer themed gifts for mom.


  • Garden Equipment/Plants

    It's time to help mom get her garden ready for summer time! Some seeds, plants, and garden tools are always a good gift for mom.

  • Family Photography Session

    My mom has been asking us kids for years for family portraits. Book a photography session and take some outdoor photos (especially with SW Montana scenery) and give mom the gift of your beautiful faces.

  • New Hiking and Camping Gear

    Does Mom like hiking the M? Hyalite? If she does, some new hiking clothes and shoes are a perfect Montana Mother's Day gift!

  • A New Bike

    Since I have lived in Bozeman, I see at least 10 people on a bicycle a day. Get mom a new bike, or a bike tune up, to get her ready for the summer afternoons and weekend bike trips.

  • New Fishing Gear

    Fishing is not just dad's things. From what I have been told, many Montana moms also love to fish. Get her a new rod and reel, lures, or anything else she may need to snag a perfect catch.

  • Paddleboard or Raft

    It's about that time to get ready to head out to the Madison and Hyalite Reservoir. Get mom something to enjoy those warm summer days in the water.

  • Headwaters Country Jam Tickets

    Headwaters Country Jam is a little over a month away. Give mom the gift of great music for three nights!