It may not be a topic that people like to discuss, not out loud anyway, but the reality of it is, Montana is doing pretty darn good if you ask the experts.

Here in Montana we love clean trails, clean water, clear air, and...clean dates.

There are 42 other states in the U.S. that are way worse off than Montana when we it comes to discussing STDs. Yes, sexually transmitted diseases. The more we discuss it, the more knowledge we have of them and how to keep us in the lower 8.

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There is one trend that is a bit alarming, all the top states with the most STD's just happen to be in the south. Is that why they call it the "dirty south"? Most likely not, but I suppose it is some food for thought.

The top 3 states with the most STD cases are:

  • Mississippi (1st)
  • Louisiana (2nd)
  • Georgia (3rd)

The top 3 states with the lowest STD rates are:

  • Vermont (50th)
  • New Hampshire (49th)
  • Maine (48th)

Montana actually comes in 43rd, so in the bottom 8 when compared to the rest of the country. Although, we are seeing more people moving here from states where infection rates are much higher. Should that be a concern?

Texas is the 11th state with the most STD's, California takes the 16th spot, and Colorado comes in 25th.

Does this make you rethink all those blind dates you have been going on? Just make sure you keep yourself and your partner safe. You can get the full report from Innerbody below.


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