While the last game of the season certainly didn't go the way that we had all hoped for, I had some time to think about the last few months and what all of that meant to the city of Bozeman and the state of Montana.

First, let me say congratulations to the North Dakota State Bison. NDSU has a heck of a program and is on a tremendous run. Hats off to the entire team on a job well done.

The 2021 MSU Bobcat football season will certainly be talked about for years to come.  From selling out every home game to playing in the National Championship Game for the first time in 37 years, our Bobcats made us proud all season long.

I've lived in several "University Towns" in my career and when I tell you that I've never seen a relationship like the one between Bozeman and Montana State, I'm not lying.  Every University or College Town has a closeness to the school, but the relationship here is unlike any other.

From the locals to the transplants, Bozeman is "Bobcat Crazy".

You can see it everywhere you go, from the Bobcat gear to the businesses sporting the Blue and Gold in their windows and offices. Nothing can bring the people together more than the Bobcats.  Isn't that the beauty of sports?  I mean, think about it.  What else out there can bring folks from different backgrounds, social settings, political leanings, and religious beliefs together more than sports?  I certainly can't think of anything.


Sometimes in life and in sports, we must taste the bitterness of defeat before we can drink in the glory of victory.

While the sting of the loss of Saturday is still with us, I can't help but look to the future, because the future is bright for the MSU Bobcat football team.  In his first year, Coach Brent Vigen took our Bobcats to the brink of a National Championship.  Our Quarterback Tommy Mellott wowed us all with his amazing play.  Next year we've got the Brawl of the Wild here.  We've got a full year with Touchdown Tommy.  We've got a team with experience playing in the National Championship Game.

Most of all, we've got heart, and in life and sports, you've got to have heart to be a Champion.

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