So this is getting interesting.

Everywhere I go, there is talk about "sign on" bonuses as Bozeman and Montana businesses continue to struggle to find people to fill vacant positions.

The latest?

The Governor is offering health workers over twelve thousands dollars to relocate to Montana. According to Sam Wilson of the Independent Record, Governor Gianforte and his administration are repurposing leftover funds from the Return To Work Bonus to attract healthcare workers to move to the state.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure that's enough money.  I mean, it's expensive to live here, especially in Bozeman.  12,500 dollars a year might, MIGHT cover the rent increase if you're coming from a place like the Midwest, and that's still very questionable.  Throw in the expense of physical move, and everything else that comes with living in an expensive area and all of the sudden that relocation bonus doesn't sound all that great.

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In fact, you might actually be in the hole when it's all said and done.

Here's the other thing, why is it so hard to find folks to work? I'm I the only one that thinks that's weird?  Is it a generational thing? I mean, as a kid, if I wanted money to do things, I had to do chores or have a job.

Here's an idea, what about a bonus for people that actually get up everyday and go to work at the same job they've had for a while.  There are a ton of folks that are working hard all across Montana every single day.

What about a bonus for them?

It's like those cell phone companies who offer an incredible deal for those willing to "switch over". What about the people that have stuck with you the whole time? Isn't this the same idea? We reward those willing to come here while not taking care of those already here.

Am I the only one that views it this way?

Credit: Independent Record

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