Unfortunately, tragedy has become a weekly occurrence for Bozeman and it's surrounding communities.
People driving the wrong way on I-90, to people speeding during bad weather and unfavorable road conditions. Too many of our friends and families are losing their loved ones. The problem has become such a topic of conversation, people of loved ones lost have started questioning whether speed limit changes are necessary through some of our more dangerous passes.
The real question is: what is a solution for any or all of these issues? Lowering the speed limit doesn't make people drive slower. It might make them more aware of the reason behind the speed speed limit change through passes is to try and prevent tragedy, but that won't make them necessarily take their foot off the pedal.
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Do we need to put up large, neon sign up saying "NO ENTRANCE" or "WRONG WAY", by the on/off ramps leading to the interstate? Or is it a matter of people over indulging in adult beverages that needs to be addressed?
With having a new mayor and lots of changes coming to Bozeman this year, somethings got to give. Whether it's more policing, cameras on roads, or having to take a defensive driving course every single year, there has got to be somewhat of a solution to this problem.
But until people take responsibility for their own actions whether it's driving too fast, drinking and driving and not calling and Lyft or an Uber, or just pure negligence while on the road, unfortunately we will have to come together as a community to get through these tough times and support those who have lost their lives.

Here's 8 States That Have Longer And Harsher Winters Than Montana

Winter can be brutal here in Montana with lots of wind, snow, and temperatures well below zero. In fact, that alone should be a word of warning for those thinking of moving here from warmer climates.

A lot goes into being prepared to live in a state with rough winters and if you've never done it before, you certainly need to make sure that you are prepared. You need to make sure you have the right tires, vehicle, and winter clothing. Plus, I would highly suggest you learn how to drive in winter conditions before moving to a state that celebrates winter 6 months out of the year.

And while winters can be very rough here in Montana, we don't even crack the Top 5 for States With The Most Brutal Winters.

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9 Ways To Avoid Hitting A Deer In Montana

State Farm Insurance came out with a list of states with the worst odds of hitting an animal, and Montana came in 2nd. There is a 1 in 44 chance, you will hit an animal while living and driving in Montana. The most common months for this to happen are October, November, and December. If you are traveling through the surrounding states, your odds of hitting a deer don't really get any better. North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho are all considered "high risk" or "medium risk" for the odds of hitting an animal.

Here are State Farm Insurance's 9 ways to help avoid hitting a deer.

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