The students at Three Forks Schools were excited to find out on Thursday that they all were going to receive new red hoodies courtesy of Montana Rail Link. On behalf of all the parents at Three Forks Schools, thank you, Montana Rail Link, for your generous gift. And the hoodies look awesome!

If you're not familiar with Montana Rail Link, they are a regional railroad company that operates 900 miles of track throughout Montana and Idaho. According to their website, MRL employs over 1200 people and services some 500 businesses. They are also a BNSF partner, and its rail shipments help feed, clothe, supply, and power American and international homes and businesses every day. And now we can add they also bring joy to school kids during the Holidays.

Here's a fun fact they have posted on their website:

If just 10% of long-haul freight now being moved by truck moved by rail instead, national fuel savings would exceed one billion gallons a year and annual greenhouse gas emissions would drop by more than 12 million tons. That’s equivalent to taking 2 million cars off the road or planting 280 million trees.

In addition to supporting schools like as did with the hoodies, Montana Rail Link also supports veterans. In November, MRL unveiled a new locomotive dedicated to veterans. See it below.

Credit: Montana Rail Link
Credit: Montana Rail Link

Soon, they will also be bringing out a second locomotive, this one a tribute to essential workers, who like our nation's veterans, are loyal and dedicated to our country.

These special locomotives are expected to run freight service between Billings, MT, and Sandpoint, Idaho.

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