Forbes recently released a list of the 10 Best and Worst States to Make a Living in 2016. Wyoming tops the list as the best state in the Country to make a living with a median income of $38,280. There is also no state tax in Wyoming on median income.


Unfortunately, Montana is one of the worst states. It comes in at #8 on the list of worst states to make a living. Median income is $31,970, and the taxes on that amount are roughly $1,651.33. If you take into consideration the cost of living in Montana, $31,000 doesn't really go a long way.

Although it's rough to make a living in Montana, there are definitely worse states to live in. In states like New York, Vermont, California, Maine, West Virginia, Oregon, and Hawaii it's even harder to make a living than it is in Montana.

To see the entire list and to see how they calculated their results, click here.