Since its invention in 1962, this device has saved many lives.


MidAmerica Nazarene University just released a list of The Most Impactful Inventions in Each State. It's really interesting to take a look at what inventions each state in known for. It's no surprise that Alaska in known for inventing the kayak. I'm sure a lot of people in Montana are happy about that.

When it comes to Montana, I was a bit surprised. I figured the invention would have something to do with agriculture, but it's not. Montana's most impactful invention is actually the heart monitor, which is a device used for measuring the electrical signature of the heart. It was invented in 1962 by American biophysicist Norman "Jeff" Holter. He was a native of Helena, Montana. In fact, the first heart monitor was called the Holter Monitor.

To read more about Norman "Jeff" Holter, click here.

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