Have you ever thought about going ice fishing in Montana? Well, we highly recommend avoiding this problem.

Ice fishing is one of the most popular winter activities in Montana. Some folks love skiing or snowboarding, while some like gathering their friends and fishing on a frozen lake.

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Ice fishing can be fun if you have a shack to keep you and your company warm, and many Montanans will use ATVs or other recreational vehicles to tow or supply their sheds or friends.

Photo by Glenna Haug via Unsplash
Photo by Glenna Haug via Unsplash

The only issue with ice fishing is being careful while crossing the ice. You will never know how thick the ice is and how much weight it can support until you drill down to the water. Well, this guy at Canyon Ferry found out the hard way about how thick the ice was, and this pic tells you all you need to know. 

406 Ice Fishing is a popular Facebook group, and on New Year's Eve, one man had himself the worst last day of 2022. Check this out.

Travis Travis Travis via Facebook
Travis Travis Travis via Facebook

As you can see, this man drove his recreational vehicle a little too close to the edge of the ice and ended up seeing his vehicle submerge into the water. That's one way to have a bad day ice fishing. 

What can you do to avoid this? The best way is to check with local Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks on current ice conditions, or you can download their app that gives you details on how thick the ice is at your lake. 

At least this person ended 2022 on such a terrible note, it can only go up from there. 

Also, huge thanks for Travis permitting us to use his photo.

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