As you get ready to head out on a vacay and are planning your trip and packing your bags. There are only a few rules that pop into my head that are very obvious.

  • No liquids over 3.4oz
  • No drugs
  • No weapons
  • No booze

These four things are pretty obvious things you should know you can't have in your carry-on bag. But for some people traveling in and out of Montana, they clearly forgot one of those rules. No weapons.


Montana had more firearms confiscated in 2023 than in 2022, statewide AND nationwide.

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Last year, nationwide, there was a record number of fire arms confiscated from carry-on luggage. In 2023, 6,737 firearms were found in either carry-on luggage, by TSA officers, or by the X-ray machine during the mandatory security check.

Montana definitely had some forgetful flyers. The number of people attempting to fly with a firearm increased statewide and also city wide in certain areas. Statewide the number of firearms found went up from 50 in 2022 to 59 in 2023.

In 2023 the following cities had a total of 41 firearms discovered in 2023:

  • Missoula 15
  • Billings 11
  • Bozeman 15

Now I can understand accidently having a bottle of lotion weighing 4oz instead of the standard 3.4oz, but forgetting you have a firearm in your carry-on? That seems a bit odd. It also comes with a hefty fee including penalties up to $15,000.

Before you head out of the house to catch that plane taking you where ever your heart desires, make sure you have the right amount of liquids, you left your drugs at home, and your firearm is not next to your socks in your carry on.

Happy flying!

cc: Yellowstone International Airport, TSA

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