Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks earned two awards at The Association for Conservation Information's annual awards.  The top honors were in the Social Media Presence category and the Destination, Historical, or Cultural Article category.

FWP was recognized for the department’s innovative and widespread presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to earn first place in Social Media Presence.

Their social media includes a Facebook group called My Montana Hunt where hunters share their experiences and photos and discuss hunting. Another one of the main highlights of their social media pages is #fisheriesfridays. Fisheries Fridays features weekly postings Montana fisheries management and the biologists and technicians behind the work. Here are some of the Fisheries Fridays elements:

  • 12 Days of Fishmas
  • #Feburbotary
  • #Hatchvember
  • Educational infographics
  • Paddlefishing tips
  • Behind the scene photos
  • Staff biographies
  • Infomercials

The head of the FWP Communication and Education Division, Greg Lemon stated:

Social media is an essential part of FWP’s overall outreach and communication strategy. Through our social media channels, we are able to expand our audience and relevancy with the people of Montana and those across the nation who are interested in the resources we manage.

Montana FWP also won first place for the Destination, Historical, or Cultural Article category because of an article that ran in Montana Outdoors. The piece was titled “Where the West Comes Alive,” and covered Bannack State Park.

Additionally, they took third place in the Recurring Video Program category for their bi-weekly Outdoors Reports featured on TV stations across Montana.This year the Association for Conservation Information award ceremony was held virtually. The ACI was formed in 1938 and is a nonprofit organization of communicators working for state, federal, and private conservation agencies and organizations across the nation.



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