Intelligence is a funny thing. We've all heard the phrase "Street Smarts" versus "Book Smarts", well, when it comes to overall IQ just how smart is the average Montanan?

Because of the lack of population compared to its vast size, many outsiders might think that the only things living in Montana are wildlife and cowboys. While it's true that Montana doesn't have the population or the number of colleges and universities that the more populated states have, when it comes to higher learning, Montana ranks right up there with the very best.

Only a handful of states outrank Montana when it comes to intelligence.

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UTS Online's education website researched all 50 states to determine which states had the smartest residents and Montana received a pretty high grade.

How smart are Montanans compared to the rest of the country?

According to the data, Montana is the 6th smartest state in America. So which states rank higher than The Last Best Place? Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Vermont, and Washington come out on top, followed by Montana. Of course, a couple of those states are home to Ivy League schools, so the fact that Montana came in 6th is impressive.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Not only is Montana one of the smartest states, but the data also says that when it comes to the average IQ Montana is near the top with an average score of 103.4. For those who are wondering, the United States average is 98.

There's more good news when it comes to Montana.

The state has a high school graduation rate of 94 percent which ranks as the highest in the country and a literary rate of almost 87 percent which is also near the top compared to the 49 other states.

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