It's crazy to think that after almost two years, COVID is still able to disrupt our plans, our fun, and some of our holidays/celebrations. Recently the Downtown Bozeman Association announced that it would be canceling its annual downtown trick or treating event. This totally sucks, especially for our littles who have been waiting SO long to get back to some sort of normal. They have to do what they can to keep our community safe.

It is not only COVID that has put a halt to this fun event. It is other factors as well. The lack of staffing for these downtown businesses is once again a topic in Bozeman. Many businesses just don't have the staff to pass out treats AND still staff their business with the great customer service that our businesses provide.

Another factor in canceling the event is the number of unvaccinated children (ages 5-11) that will be filling the street. With some vaccines now approved for children, this brought a question to my mind. Will you vaccinate your children in order to allow some normalcy back into their lives? It's a touchy subject for sure, but I would like to know your opinion. How far will you, as parents, go to get things back to "normal" or the "new normal" as some call it?

I think we are all tired of talking about COVID, but it seems as though it will not be going anywhere any time soon. From two weeks to two years, how much more will we need to do as citizens to have COVID be a thing of the past?

HERE is a list of other fun events happening this weekend. Enjoy the weekend with the family!

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