We constantly see the warnings about Montana wildlife. Don't get too close. Be bear aware. Stay at least 6 yards away, etc. So when one Montana elk had enough of those big white things parking and driving in his territory, he takes matters into his own antlers.

If you listen closely enough, you can hear how hard he hits the SUV and you can see that he has zero damage done to his prized antlers. That being said, imagine if this was a person he chose to ram into!

The Mammoth Hot Springs exist in a beautiful setting, where wildlife often visits. So seeing animals is no surprise to locals there. Ramming into an SUV, that's a bit of a change.

As you can see from the video below from around 9 months ago, elk, like bison and bears, like to have their space. We'd suggest that you take pictures from your car, truck, camper, whatever it may be, because they will remind you that they are much bigger and stronger than you.

As you know, Montana is home to lots of animals, and to be fair, they are the ones that make the rules. We just need to use our thinking caps and make sure we follow their rules. Enjoy the outdoors, just keep in mind that the animals are the rulers, not us peasants.

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