Summer is popular for grilling and bar-b-qing, although anytime is a fantastic time to grill. Whether you're a rookie who does burgers and hot dogs, or if you're more experienced and like to try new things, there isn't much that's better than a plate of grilled meat and a cold beverage.

Here in Montana, we love our meat so it would make sense that grilling is a big deal, right? Who doesn't love a Montana steak grilled to perfection?

According to Lawn Love, one Montana town made the list of "Best Grilling Cities in the United States".

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As a foodie and someone who loves to cook on my pellet grill, I've tried many different items. More than once, I've cooked darn near a whole Thanksgiving meal on my grill. It's a great way to create new dishes and the results are usually pretty delicious. So, it's not a shock to see Montana making the list.

Before we reveal which Montana city made the list, let's look at the best bar-b-q joints in the state.

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Which Montana town made the list of "Best Grilling Cities in the United States"?

Congratulations to the city of Billings, Montana. Billings just missed the Top 100, coming in at #104 and while that might not seem like a big deal, The Magic City beat out several bigger towns including popular Bar-B-Q towns like St. Louis, Nashville, and Houston.

When it comes to grilling, opinions vary. I've heard it said that "Bar-B-Q is like religion, everyone thinks theirs is the best". Whether you're a fan of charcoal, gas, wood, or pellets, the fact remains that food off the grill just seems to taste better.

Not to mention, that Montana is home to some of the best bar-b-q joints around. Places, like Follow Yer Nose in Emigrant and Notorious P.I.G. in Missoula, are often mentioned along with some of the most famous bar-b-q joints in the country.

What's your favorite thing to cook on the grill? Let us know by sending us a message on our station app.

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