Montana has lots to do and see, from National and State Parks to old ghost towns and everything in between. Now that we're heading into the summer months, it's tourist season, and millions of people will come to visit The Treasure State.

Tourists are a big deal because they mean billions of dollars to the state economy.

While they're here they will shop in our stores, stay in our hotels, and eat and drink at our restaurants and bars. Speaking of restaurants and bars, one of the most unique bars in the country is located right here in Montana and it's a big hit with both locals and those from out of state.

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While you're visiting Montana you will no doubt want to try some of the things we're famous for. Huckleberries, Flathead Cherries, and a Pork Chop sandwich are a must, but when it comes to something completely different, you'll need to head over to Great Falls.

Before we reveal what has been described as the greatest bar on earth, let's look at some of the best dive bars Montana has to offer.

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Which Great Falls Icon is a must-see?

While Great Falls is home to some fantastic places to grab a bite or a drink like The Roadhouse Diner and Street Burgers, it's also home to one of the coolest places in the United States. They might be more famous for their decor than for what they serve.

Located in the O'Haire Inn is the legendary Sip 'N Dip Lounge. What makes the Sip 'N Dip so special? Well, the live mermaids of course. Yep, the Sip ' Dip has live mermaids and they happen to be swimming in an indoor pool for all to enjoy.

Credit: Townsquare Media
Credit: Townsquare Media

The Sip 'N Dip opened in the 1960s and has been an iconic spot ever since. So how big of a deal is the Sip 'N Dip? GQ Magazine named it the number one bar on the earth, which is high praise.

Can you bring kids to the Sip 'N Dip?

Yes. Those under 21 are allowed in the Lounge until 8 pm and for those looking for a bite to eat, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Heads up, they don't take reservations so it's first come, first serve, but whether you're visiting from out of state, or happen to be in the Great Falls area, a trip to the Sip 'N Dip is a must.

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