Wednesday morning SGT Jordan Laine joined Dave & Ally on the XL Morning Show to talk to them about some opportunities they currently have at the Montana National Guard. They include:

  • Med and Dental Corps: Max-age to join: 60. Specialist Corps (Physician Assistant) max-age to join 48. Med Service Corp (Social Workers & Psychologists) max-age to join: 48.
  • Med and Dental students can receive a stipend while in school (MDSSP) AND in residency (STRAP, Med Corps only). The monthly stipend is $2466. 1 yr. of MDSSP or STRAP equals a 2 yr. MSO.
  • Tuition Waiver. Students who are a Montana National Guard member are eligible for a tuition waiver. There are some requirements, so reach out to Jordan at the MANG for what those requirements are.

Additional Info:

  • After the MDSSP, STRAP, and/or HPLRP MSO is satisfied, they are eligible for annual bonuses. Bonuses for Med & Dental Corp is $25K per year. These can be in 2, 3 or 4-year increments. These continue as long as the Officer stays in the MTARNG. Total financial incentives (NOT INCLUDING DRILL PAY OR PROMOTIONS) is around $557,144.00. This accounts for 48 months of MDSSP, 36 months of STRAP, 7 yrs. of HPLRP and a 4 yr. Retention bonus.
  • Constructive Credit: This is how much time in service an individual is given before commissioning. Med/Dental school completion: 4 yrs. Internship/Residency: 1 for 1 credit (if residency is 3 yrs. 3 yrs. is credited). So an individual with only med school and residency completed would direct commission as a O3/CPT (7 yrs. credit). If professional experience is gained in the specially, it’s possible to be granted 3 additional years of credit (or more in special cases).

If you are interested, reach out to SSG, MT ARNG Jordan W. Laine @ 406.202.8837, or email is His office is just outside Barnes & Noble in the Gallatin Valley Mall.

Congratulations to the newest members of the Montana National Guard. Both are from Bozeman High School.

Mikayla Dineen

Credit: Montana Army National Guard

Sean Mcintyre

Credit: Montana Army National Guard

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