I am not sure if you know this or not...but I am extremely talented.  I am apparently the only person in my house who knows how to change a toilet paper roll or a roll of paper towels.  I walked into the bathroom today, and there were three rolls of toilet paper on the floor, in various states of unrolled-ness.  I always keep extra t.p. in a basket in all of the bathrooms.  I am trying to visualize how this happened, and I think I've figured it out.  The roll was empty, so one of the 4 kids in my house (I am including my husband, Mike) grabbed a roll and used it, then threw it on the floor.  The next person walked in, saw the roll on the floor, ignored it...sat down and did their business, and grabbed a new roll that was easier to grab.  This must have happened three times today.  I kind of get the kids.  They are still pretty young, and I am trying to teach them.  If I catch Mike, he's a dead man.  One of my main goals as a parent is to teach my kids that it's "not someone else's job. "  If you see something that needs to be done...do it.  Same thing with the paper town roll, except that there were only two, and I know it was my husband who did it.  I understand how difficult it is to unscrew the paper towel holder and remove the old one and insert the new one (obvious sarcasm)...but that attitude that everyone is going to leave it for me is infuriating.  Every day, I understand my Mom more and more.  I used to think, "what's the big deal?"  I get it...the big deal is that all day long, she was changing the roll, or picking up toys, or clothes or wrappers or wiping up spilled juice that someone just left.  Then it would take that one thing that would make her twist off.  I hope I don't have to wait until my kids are grownups to "get it," but after watching Mike, I don't think I have a hope in Hell!

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