A Montanan has gone viral after she made claims that something might be a little shady with an annual tradition.

Of course, this isn't any ordinary Montanan; it's Heather Lee O'Keefe, who just happens to be Miss Montana. O'Keefe, who participated in the Annual Miss USA pageant, was one of several that brought up questions regarding the winner of the Miss America pageant and whether or not she actually won fair and square. According to Miss Montana, the winner, Miss Texas, appeared in a video at a luxury resort less than 24 hours after the pageant finished.

The issue?

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Miss Montana suggested that the video was recorded before the competition, which would certainly make some folks scratch their heads when you consider that the luxury resort was part of the prize package.
John Mcallister
O'Keefe posted her thoughts on TikTok, which then went viral, receiving hundreds of thousands of shares, views, and comments. As you can imagine, some of those comments weren't so nice. In fact, some were beyond horrible, including this one.  
"Miss Montana deserves her loss. She's not even Miss U material. Her face is 100 inches long. She should stop nodding as her chin might pierce her neck and cause her death."
Miss Montana certainly has an impressive resume. According to her website, she is a "lawyer, entrepreneur, television personality, grief counselor, and volunteer for multiple charities." Not to mention she used to be a barrel racer as well. 
So, do you agree with Miss Montana? Do you think that these pageants are fixed? Vote in our poll below:

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