I graduated from Montana State in 2005 - and during that time "Kramers Krazies" were running rampant throughout MSU.  I personally really dug the guy, because he took the time to give our marching band a "you are important, and amazing" type speech before every game we performed.  Many students loved Kramer, he was personable, and someone who absolutely had a way of leading any crowd he got in front of.

And then his world came crashing down. In May of 2007 he was fired following issues with half a dozen current and former football players.  Some of the horrifying arrests - Former wide receiver Rick Greenwood admitted to funding a cocaine distribution ring with his FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIP MONEY, and who could forget the murder of a suspected cocaine dealer whose body was found in the MSU farm - at the hands of 2 former MSU athletes.

Then came the Sports Illustrated article - "Trouble In Paradise" .  Kramer eventually took his family and moved out of town.  He left the coaching world for awhile - until now.

Tomorrow marks Kramers return to MSU - and the town where many shunned him - as the leader and head coach of the Idaho State Football Team.  No doubt emotions will be running high tomorrow.  Where do you stand on this matter???


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