There is a time when a vet comes back from their tour and life is just not quite the same. From the noise, the devastation of being in a completely different world, to trying to come back to the "normal". The reality of this is completely opposite. It's an unspoken challenge that often gets tossed to the side. Almost as if we forget that these men and women have just fought for our freedom, our country, and all because they chose to. No one made them take this job. They chose to defend all of us and they chose this with no expectation of being called a hero on their return. But that is what all of these men and women are, they are heroes. They will forever be known, remembered, and told God Bless You and Thank You from me.

The dark side of being one of America's Hero's. People tend to forget that when our men and women return from a world most of us will never see or understand, is that there is trauma, there is a risk, there is mental health that needs to be rebuilt, trust that needs to be regained, and life that needs to continue.

A film is going to start production this month in Montana. "Mend The Line", is based on one of the most brilliant foundations I have been introduced to. Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation. The foundation works with Post-9/11 Vets, taking vets to fly fish, a proven therapeutic way to transition.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Mend The Line: Brian Cox and Sinqua Walls star in this amazing film about a young soldier who is injured in Afghanistan. Arriving at a VA hospital, the young soldier (Walls) meets a Vietnam veteran (Cox)  who teaches him to fly fish with the hopes of helping this young vet deal with emotional and physical trauma. This film is one that will touch the lives of so many. The story behind the film can be found here, and trust me, it is quite amazing!

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