The Montana Department of Transportation is working on a new project design to add a turn lane to US 20 by Denny Creek Road outside West Yellowstone. This Targhee Turn Lanes project is expected to begin between 2023 and 2025 and is estimated to cost $3 to $4 million.

The new project aims to alleviate a rear-end crash pattern by installing a center-turn-lane between Old U.S. 20 and Denny Creek Road, and a left-turn-lane at Denny Creek Road. The area is known for the rodeo and access to Hebgen Lake. Public feedback is welcome on the project.

Michael Grover, Project Design Engineer for the Montana Department of Transportation, stated:

Some drivers make sudden turns off of Targhee Pass Highway and others may not notice that a vehicle in front is slowing and turning. The addition of the designated turn-lanes should provide drivers with a safer method of turning off the highway and will help prevent rear-end crashes in that area in the future.



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