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August 5-7th: The Bozeman Stampede! Bull riding, barrel racing, dirt kickin fun! Starts at 7pm on the 5th and goes for 3 full days! Kids 6 and under are free! Bring the kids, the family, the friends and watch some of Bozeman's best get dirty! Get your tickets here!


August 6-8th: The 44th Annual Sweet Pea Festival! Live music, memories and fun for everyone! Start out with a 5k and work your way to yummy food and laughs! The Sweet Pea Festival kicks off Friday 3:30–11pm , Saturday 9:30am–11pm and Sunday 8:30am–7pm! Check out a full event list here!


Every Thursday: Music on Main! Event starts at 630, with live music starting at 7! Get there early to get the best spot for 2 hours of awesome live music, local vendors, and cold beverages (for all ages)!


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2021 Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival

Central Wyoming Sidewalk Chalk Artists showing off their skills.

I Experienced My First Pig Race And It Was Epic

When I am asked if I want to go to a local festival normally I am for it because you can enjoy some good festival food. I would say that very little percentage would ever say "I love festivals because of pig races."

This 4th of July I had the chance to experience my first ever pig race at the North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival and I will say that if you have never experienced that you are missing out.

The coolest part was that you can place a "bet" on the pigs that you think will win without seeing the pig. The more races you win the bigger the prize you win.

All the racing pigs have some great names from, Tyrone the Terrible, Lady Hog-ga, Cardi P, Sizzling Sausage, Britney Spear-Ribs, and more.

I had the chance to be the cheerleader for one of the racing pigs and since my pig won I got an awesome sticker that said "promote pork. run over a chicken today."

With all that said, you must experience pig races and it'll be the time of your life I guarantee it.

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