Frigid temperatures are expected to last through this week into early next week. This means a few different things. People will be cold, pets will be cold, and the HRDC is asking for as much support as one can give during this difficult time.

The HRDC helps people of our community from all walks of life. From friends, families, to neighbors, the HRDC does everything in their power to keep as many community members warm and safe during frigid cold temperatures.

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HRDC's Housing Director, Brian Guyer, has issued a CODE BLUE starting January 12 at 7 AM and continuing through 7 PM Monday, depending on conditions. Some may not know what a code blue is, so he has explained what will happen for the next few days in an official press release.

This is always a very necessary, but costly action to take. While our Bozeman and Livingston emergency overnight shelters are not currently funded to be open during daytime hours, we are extremely concerned about our guests’ safety. We can use all the support our community can provide to help keep our doors open around the clock for anyone seeking a warm, safe place to stay. Getting people out of the elements is our top concern. -Brian Guyer, Housing Director HRDC



The HRDC holds up to 120 individuals each night and also provides non-congregate shelter for families and individuals who may be needing medical respite at a second Bozeman location. Sadly, even with these facilities, seven people passed away while unhoused last year (2023).

Donations to HRDC’s Warming Centers can be made online by visiting THE OFFICAL HRDC WEBSITE HERE or can be submitted by mail to HRDC, c/o The Warming Center, 32 S. Tracy Avenue, Bozeman, MT 59715

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