There are lots of things Montana is known for. Mountains, National parks, wildlife, and...marijuana.

The hippie lettuce, has been legal for the last couple of years and there are really two sides to it. You love it or you hate it. For someone who doesn't use the legal recreational drug, it's not my favorite thing about Montana. I don't care for the smell of it as I am walking down the sidewalk, the clouds of it while I am at a concert, and I definitely don't appreciate it when I am walking my dog on the trails.

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There was a time when people would look at a person with disgust if they were smoking cigarettes outside a store/restaurant or on a sidewalk and that has kind of shamed itself into not happening as often. Now we have people smoking pot with no respect of others.


A woman was recently walking trails outside of Butte when her dog consumed a form of THC. The woman could have lost her recently rescued pet, as THC can be extremely toxic for our pets.

The lack of respect some marijuana users have for not only fellow residents, but for our trail systems is ridiculous.


If you are going to use marijuana, or even cigarettes, please keep in mind that when you're done with it, don't just toss it on the ground. Have a little respect and dispose of it the proper way. And if you are smoking it in public, which you shouldn't be anyway, have a little common curtesy for the people around you. Just because it's legal, doesn't mean everyone needs to know you're using it puff by puff.

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