I am not a beer snob, but I will say I do love a good IPA. National IPA day is this Thursday (August 5th), so I was on a mission to find out why Bozeman loves their brewery's. So off I went! Now keep in mind, I work early and my boss frowns upon me coming to work hungover. So I had to limit my exploring to Yelp's top 3 brewery's. Don't worry, I WILL make it to all of them soon!

Bridger Brewing: Reading the reviews, I head over and check it out. I tried 3 different drafts: Bobcat Brown Ale, The Lee Metcalf, and the Mad Mile. My Favorite was the Mad Mile, I am a sucker for fruit beers and this has the perfect hint of cucumber and honeydew! I highly recommend it as it was delicious and crisp! The atmosphere was fun, the staff was great and they answered all my annoying questions!

MAP Brewing Co: On Tuesday's and Wednesday's, they only have beer service which was fine with me! Here is the deal, they have chips/salsa, and my favorite food ever...queso. So I was a very happy girl! Full menu is still available, just not on those days! Ok lets get to the tastings! I started with the Midas Crush. Hints of grapefruit, tangerine, and watermelon this IPA was absolutely stunning! Fresh AND crisp! I then tried the 80 Chain, an oatmeal stout. Tastes of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and dark fruits. Can I say YES PLEASE! If you enjoy a BOLD Brew, you will certainly love this!

Photo by Missy Fant on Unsplash
Photo by Missy Fant on Unsplash

Mountains Walking and Brewery Pub: Love the Brew names here! "Here Friend" popped out at me right away! It was like a description of me! A Hoppy Blonde Ale, sounds about right! This is the perfect brew for people that are just getting into IPA's. It's light and delightful! I finished with a "Nice Fella"! This starts out a little bitter and ends  cool and crisp. It certainly was a "Nice Fella".

There are a lot of different brewery's in Bozeman to head to, these are the three I made it to and I found things at each one that will make me go back! Thanks for the great service and brews!

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