The Belgrade Police Department has received numerous complaints from residents reporting a possible phone scam involving a person claiming to be a representative of Microsoft.

According to reports, a male caller is contacting people via telephone, informing them that their computer may have been infected by a virus.

He is then asking for personal and/or computer log in information.

Police believe the subject is attempting to obtain computer IP data and on at lease one reported occurrence, is believed to have attempted to remotely log on to a victim’s computer in attempt to glean personal information stored on their device.

The Belgrade Police Department would like to remind citizens that the majority of unsolicited phone calls and emails requesting personal, banking, or in this case, computer information, are fraudulent in nature.

Please do not release this information to anyone. The majority of corporations, such as Microsoft or your bank, do not operate in this manner.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the Belgrade Police Department, your local authorities, or visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center at for additional information on current scams.

Reports of such scams can also be filed at, as this is a reporting database maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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