It's one of the biggest events of the entire summer, and we have a couple from Three Forks, Montana, to thank for it. Andy and Jacey Watson of Freestone Productions personally raise the dollars and funding to pay for the PBR to come to Livingston each year.

“We look for a town that has great hospitality for all of the fans that come from near and far to take in the show. Livingston has all the right stuff when it comes to this aspect. We also love the fact Livingston still holds tight to their western heritage. People love to experience this as well,” states co-producer, Jacey Watson.

But, what makes the PBR so special? Let’s take a look at the sport as whole from a historical angle. To give some background, the Professional Bull Riders (the PBR) was created in 1992 when a group of 20 bull riders put $1,000 dollars each in a cowboy hat in order to break out as a stand alone sport. It didn’t take long for appointed CEO, Randy Bernard, to see that vision and bring it to fruition. At one point in time, the PBR was the fastest growing sport in America. Soon, the PBR needed another boost and was sold to Spire Capital and those founding cowboys cashed out big - most became millionaires and the sport continued it’s march into the history books. However, last May, PBR was recently purchased by entertainment conglomerate, WME/IMG. The PBR is gaining tremendous momentum and with it’s new owners at the helm, catapulting into new sporting heights. WME/IMG is the global leader in sports, entertainment, media, and fashion. Operating in more than 25 countries around the world, the company specializes in talent representation; commercial marketing and endorsements; brand strategy, activation and licensing; media production and distribution; and event management. The acquisition makes sense, and with the resources across WME/IMG it makes the partnership a perfect match, combining top quality event production and broadcast rights. Now, the PBR can continue to be the fastest growing sport in America.

And something this big is coming to Livingston. But, it is not brought to you by the corporate organization in order to make it happen,” says Jacey. “We start the fund raising process in January of each year and are so thankful for those that step up to become partners with us. And that’s what they are - partners. We also want our partners to get something out of being a part of the show rather than solely giving donations. We provide multiple advertising platforms that include radio, TV, print advertising, in arena signage and promotions, and more. Brand recognition is important for our sponsors and we want to make sure they receive benefits for being a part of this great event.”

So, when you get your ticket and sit in the stands and look across the bull riding arena on that evening of August 6th, you can take pride in knowing local support and local dollars are responsible for setting the stage for a spectacular night of entertainment for the whole town to enjoy and benefit from. “We are proud to bring the PBR to Livingston”, Jacey says with a grin. “Who doesn’t want a BIG thing in a LITTLE town? That’s the best formula for magic to happen.

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