List of Street Closures and Cautions (subject to change):

City crews found no log jams or other debris at, or around the bridge on Mcllhattan Road.

Manley road is open; Manley road bridge was also clear. There is, however, still water flowing across Manley Road approximately two inches deep;

There is water on the golf course on Augusta Drive;

Kagy Blvd. eastbound is completely open;

Kagy Blvd. westbound is completely open;

Mendenhall is completely open.
List of Trail Closures and Cautions (subject to change):

East Gallatin trail system: trails east of the river closed until further notice.

Gardner Park Parking Lot to Tuckerman Parking lot: Open- use extreme caution due to spot flooding and constantly changing conditions.

Tuckerman Park: Overflow from fields south of Goldenstein going under the road and into the park. The overflow, is currently finding the stream, will monitor hourly.

Hauser Park Trail: off of Sourdough Road near Kagy is closed. There is a small walking bridge crossing the creek that is not safe to cross.

Legends Trail: the trail on the east side of legends subdivision is closed. The creek has come over the bank and is flowing down a section of the trail.

List of Park Closures and Cautions (subject to change):

Creekside Park is closed until further notice.

Lindley Park has water flowing through the Story Mill Ditch (west end of park) use caution in this area.

Ice Pond Park and spur: adjacent to the head gate diversion off of Bonner Ln. closed until further notice

Important Phone Numbers:

911 - Any Emergency
If you see children playing in or near flooded areas or flowing water, please warn them and their caretaker of the potential danger or call 911 and report the activity.
582-3175 - Recorded Update
Please call for regular flood information updates.
Please use the non-emergency numbers below to report potential hazards or provide non-emergency information.
582-2000 for Bozeman Residents
582-2100 for everyone else
Sandbags are available to purchase from the following local vendors:
Bozeman Brick and Tile 587-4283
Kenyon Noble 586-2384
Belgrade True Value 388-6012
Lowe's 522-3240
Big Sky True Value 995-4500
Owenhouse Ace Hardware - Downtown 587-5401
Owenhouse Ace Hardware - West Main 582-7330

Information on using sand bags is available at

Ongoing updates are available at and