Mother's Day can seem like a tough gift-giving holiday, since you want to send your wife or mother the perfect message of what she means to you. But don't let it stress you out! Start with a card, and add to that:

  • Jewelry - This can be tricky, especially if she is kind of picky about what she likes. But if you notice she usually wears really simple jewelry, very ornate, always silver, always gold, a mix, or a certain style, go off of that and you can probably pick out something she will really love. And it doesn't have to be expensive.
  • Dinner or Brunch - Invite mom over to your place, make your wife her favorite dish, or take her out to her favorite place. Might want to make reservations!
  • Flowers - Cut flowers are always nice, but my go-to is a hanging basket for mom, or something she can plant.
  • Gift Cards - If you know mom loves her Starbucks, loves to read books on her Kindle, needs some new apps for her phone, or has a favorite place to shop, get her a gift card!
  • Consumer Electronics - If you're like me, you and your significant other usually discuss consumer electronics purchases before buying, so if you do know something she'd appreciate (like a Roku), or mom has asked you about something that would make her life easier (Roku, surveillance cameras, new Blu-Ray), I'm sure she'd love it. Especially if you can install it for her!
  • Personal Services - Spa day, house-cleaning, or maybe you know where she gets her hair cuts and mani/pedis. Treat her, or get a gift card.
  • Photo Mug or Calendar - This can be a fun gift from the whole clan. Just pick out some great pictures you know she would love, and she'll get to enjoy it for at least a year!
  • Framed Picture or Quote - A framed picture of you or the family, or frame a quote...something she always said that made an impact on you, or one you know she loves.
  • Spend Time With Her - If nothing else, spend time, whether it's in person or on the phone. You (probably) won't regret it, lol.

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