When I first moved to Montana, I was a little worried about how my car would hold up in the snow. I drive a Subaru, but it's not necessarily what I would consider an off-road car.

Yesterday, as the Gallatin Valley was getting pummeled with snow, I was given a renewed faith in the capabilities of my car. I live in Bear Canyon, and decided to go home for lunch and hang out with my dog for a bit. By this time, there was nearly a foot of snow blanketing my driveway. I said a quick prayer, then proceeded to try to make it down my driveway.

Jesse James
Jesse James

Fortunately, I was able to make it down my driveway to my carport, but not without leaving a foot and a half of snow on the hood of my car. I wouldn't recommend driving in snow while trying to film yourself doing it. It's not a very smart thing to do, but hey, that's why I work in radio.

Here's a video of my car being used as a snow plow to get down my driveway:

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