Finding a list of things to do when your family comes to visit from out of town is easier said than done. My parents got in town Friday evening, and they leave tomorrow morning. There are so many awesome places in Montana, and I knew that I would only be able to show my parents a small number of them since they were only in town for a short time.

One of the places we decided to check out was Montana Grizzly Encounter. It's just east of Bozeman near the Jackson Creek exit on I-90. I'd driven by it quite a few times since moving here, but had never actually seen it.

It was a really cool experience! My parents and I even got to see some grizzly bears wrestling. They don't keep them in cages. Instead, they ave a very large area with water, trees, and other cool stuff for the bears to roam around in.

I got a chance to speak with one of the employees at Montana Grizzly Encounter. His name is Bill Testa. He was really nice, and agreed to let me film him while he answered a few questions about Grizzly Bears. They're an incredible animal.  Watch the video below.