As Jerrod Niemann gears up to spend the next several weeks on the road with Miranda Lambert and Chris Young on the On Fire Tour, the singer-songwriter has shared high hopes of doing some collaborations off the stage, as well as on, with his labelmates.

“Me and Chris have written together a long time ago,” Niemann tells Taste of Country. “We talk about it quite a bit with Miranda. We’ve all mentioned it, so hopefully if we dream big, somebody will actually make it happen [because] usually what happens is everybody talks about writing the entire tour, and then usually nobody does. But me and Mike Eli [from the Eli Young Band] wrote on the last tour a little bit, so maybe it can happen with Miranda and Chris … they can sit there and come up with a bunch of good ideas while I take credit for it [laughs].”

While the On Fire Tour only launched a few weeks ago, Niemann says the experience thus far has exceeded all of his expectations, and he has been blown away by the reaction from Lambert’s fanbase.

“It’s crazy,” notes Niemann. “I just feel like Miranda’s fans somehow latch onto what we do. I feel more connected to her fans than I have on some of these other tours — not that I didn’t have an absolute blast on those tours. It’s just something weird. I guess it’s because her fans like to drink beer and make mistakes like I do!”

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