Watch Jennifer Lawrence get upset after a reporter spoils Homeland season 3 for her. Is it just me or does Jennifer act like a spoiled teenager? Maybe that's her next role?

During an interview with Access Hollywood at the SAG Awards, Jennifer Lawrence appears starstruck that she is standing by Homeland actor Damian Lewis. Jennifer becomes quite giddy and she hugs Damian and then begin to awkwardly chat. The reporter interviewing Damien then blurts out that his character dies in the show. Jennifer, having not yet watched the show that far, proceeds to throw a fit perfectly executed as if she were character studying her next role as a bratty teenager. Jennifer claims she told the reporter she had only seen the first two seasons of Homeland and continues to chastise the reporter who did not initially blurt out the spoiler. After I reviewed the interview a few times, it is quite clear Jennifer only said she had seen the first two seasons twice. Sadly, the other interviewer did not hear her say that. However, she said nothing about watching or not watching the third season. The fact that Damian Lewis' character dies in the third season made me and the reporter assume she knew he died in the third season and that's why she only mentioned the first two seasons. Right?

Anyway, as any pop culture aficionado knows, if you happen to be in a discussion that could lead to possible spoilers about a TV show (like meeting an actor in a show you have not yet seen all of!) make sure to loudly declare that you don't want to hear spoilers. Did she cry when she read the script of Hunger Games before seeing it at the box office too?

To everyone who idealizes celebrities, I hope this helps you realize that even top celebrities are just like you and me. Just because they are rich and famous and can do basically whatever they want, it all comes down to next week's episode of Downton Abbey to fill the void.