A one-year-old's first visit to Disneyland has been captured in one of the most unique videos you'll see thanks to her own crafty camera work.

'She Wouldn't Stop Giggling'

Brooke and Rhett Scheurn wanted to create a special video to commemorate their daughter's first trip to Disneyland. The couple told Good Morning America they fitted Cloves with a magnetized camera that hung around her neck as the family walked around the park.

"We can kind of see everything from her perspective, which is really unique and fun," Brooke said in the interview.

The end result was a 51-second video that shows the viewer what Disneyland looks like through the eyes of an excited toddler.

"She wouldn't stop giggling" text at the beginning of the video reads as we see the child's view as she hurries through the park.

Seconds later, we get Cloves' POV of riding "It's A Small World" and meeting Disney Princesses.

"Should we twirl together?" Cinderella asks the camera. Of course Cloves wants to twirl. She even performs a few somersaults while still wearing the camera.

You won't be able to stop smiling while watching this.

Disneyland Video Goes Viral

The video, originally posted to Brooke's TikTok, has been viewed more than 6.5 million times as Cloves continues to find more fans of her camerawork.

"Disneyland should pay you for this commercial," TikTok user @saraishows commented on the video,

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It took "a while" for Brooke to put the video together given the abundance of footage filmed on Cloves' camera, but she feels it was all worth it.

"I feel like that's why we do all the documenting that we do so that we will have these memories forever," she told GMA. "Because they are so fleeting and so quickly forgotten."

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