This guy knows how to relax after a successful season.

Montana is no stranger to visitors.

Families, celebrities, heads of massive companies, and athletes come to Montana to escape and enjoy themselves for a short period.

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Some come to enjoy our national parks, celebrate, or visit their part-time homes.

Growing up in Polson, I saw athletes and high-profiled coaches like Steve Kerr, Howie Long, and Phil Jackson hang out around town to eat, chill, and have fun on Flathead Lake.

Photo by Tom Pottiger via Unsplash
Photo by Tom Pottiger via Unsplash

We have seen stars from the NFL and some Formula 1 drivers spending quality time in Big Sky Country, but we now can add soccer royalty to the list.

Before we reveal that answer, here are a few professional athletes and coaches you might see in Montana.

9 Professional Athletes and Coaches That Hang Out in Montana

Who wouldn't want a little slice of heaven?

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Who Was Hanging Out in Montana?

It appears the legendary Real Madrid football team coach spent some quality time in Montana after an incredible season.

Carlo Ancelotti has been the manager of Real Madrid for three years and had a stellar season. His team won the La Liga crown, the Spanish Super Cup, and the Champions League.

Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions League Final 2023/24
David Ramos/Getty Images

What do you do after a successful season like that? You head to Montana to ride horses, relax, and enjoy several beverages. Here's a pic from his Instagram.

Credit: Carlo Ancelotti via Instagram

He looks like a regular cowboy in Montana.

Darby is a perfect place for someone to escape and enjoy some quiet time. The town is less than 1,000 people and the locals want everyone to enjoy their time in Big Sky Country.

Wonder who we will see next in Montana?

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