Montana's most popular restaurants come in all forms. But great food is not hard to find in Big Sky Country. From the fanciest dining rooms to old school greasy spoon cafes, we've put together the list of Montana's favorite restaurants.

What makes a Montana restaurant one of the most popular? This is based on reviews from various platforms from locals and travelers alike. Every single restaurant on this list had to have 5 stars, with dozens of positive reviews. Nothing was based on price or types of menus.

Of course this list won't include every Montana restaurant with perfect ratings. The good news is, that would be a very long list. We decided to pick a few from many different cities and towns across the state to get a full snapshot of your best dining options.

There are some real surprises on this list! Although some of the restaurants on this list are extremely well known across the state, others are labeled "hidden gems" - and even WE haven't heard of them. Montana's best restaurants all share something in common - their food looks simply fantastic.


You'll learn about a local hot dog joint, and a fancy yurt experience that involves a snow cat ride up a mountain. We mean it when we say Montana has a wide variety of fantastic food. Pick a town, there will be a good place to eat.

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Boxcar Bistro in Missoula via Boxcar Bistro Facebook
Boxcar Bistro in Missoula via Boxcar Bistro Facebook


So let's get to the good stuff...where to find the best restaurants in Montana. Sure, you'll have a few that you love that are not on the list - perfect reason for us to do another installment of where to eat in Montana!

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