Marijuana has been legal in Montana now for more than minute, and you can see they are popular as there are dispensaries all over the state.

This weekend marks an annual celebration that many around the world will celebrate, regardless if marjiuana is legal or not. 420 is an unofficial holiday, but some treat it as though it's the biggest day of the year. To each their own I suppose.

Many wonder, "how did 420 even become a thing?". You have some California kids to thank for that.

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In the early 70's, a group of high school kids, who called themselves "The Waldos", would gather daily at 4:20 PM after classes and football practice and go and smoke pot. The end. How do we know this is even an accurate story?

The Waldos saved postmarked letters and other artifacts from the 1970s referencing “420,” which they later kept in a bank vault, and when the Oxford English Dictionary added the term in 2017, it cited some of those documents as the entry’s earliest recorded uses. -PBS


For real...that's basically the beginning. The word apparently spread because of a popular band the Waldos hung out with. You may have heard of them, The Grateful Dead? The Waldo's hung out with The Grateful Dead and the term just spread, like most slang terms tend to do.

Now that you know the back story, will you be participating in the year's 420 celebrations?

Many dispensaries will be having specials, sales, and extra educational information available on 420. It's a great time to get educated on the quickly growing product.

You can check out your local pot shops at the link below.


cc: PBS

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