There has been a lot of news about Costco lately. If you haven't been following the announcements or potential changes to Montana's favorite grocery store, here's a brief recap:

The latest news comes from a USA Today story about Costco's relationship to gold. The company has been selling gold bars and making millions of dollars each month.

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And yes, you can buy the gold online.

gold bar with blue package

USA Today reported last fall that the retailer kept selling out. If you look at the PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Verican and the Rand Refinery it appears that bars are available for purchase.

gold bar on black background

There are a few stipulations, though:

  • You do have to be a Costco member.
  • There can only be "one transaction per membership with a maximum of 5 units" or two bars per person.
  • No returns or refunds.

Not allowing a return or refund is significant because Costco is known for having a liberal return policy, and abusing that policy is one of the most common ways to have your membership revoked.

Like any product, there are customer reviews of the gold bars for sale at Costco. In one 5-star review it says, "This was the lowest price you can find anywhere in the market" and the reviewer praised the quality of the bar and how fast and easy it was to order.

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