It's never fun to see a business close its doors. Especially one that is a big part of the community, and has a loyal following.

As Bozeman continues to grow, we see new businesses come and go.  However, when a local business decides to call it quits, well, that just feels a little different. Several Bozeman businesses have been around for many years, and not only do they serve a need, but they become part of the community, and often, part of our lives.

Hence the case with a local business that recently shut its doors after serving the area for over a decade.

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The owners of Cold Smoke Coffeehouse announced that they've decided to call it quits with both of their Bozeman locations. The popular Coffeehouse has been part of the community for 13 years.


In a note published on their website as well as the doors of the stores states the following:

"We the Walkers, are excited to announce the sale and transition of Cold Smoke. For the past 13 years, we have been honored to be a part of the Bozeman Coffee Community. As both Cold Smoke and RamsHead have grown, we needed to choose as we could not successfully run 2 large businesses at the same time. Therefore, we have officially sold the Oak and 19th location to our manager Donald, who will be re-opening with the same great staff, the same great coffee, and some new great options, under a whole new name, MUKAI COFFEEHOUSE!"

The website goes on to say that the Huffine location is for sale.  The final day for the Huffine location was August 30th, and the Oak location closed up shop on August 31st. So what if you have gift cards to Cold Smoke?

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Great news! The gift cards will be honored at Mukai Coffeehouse for a year. Plus, the coffee used at Cold Smoke is still available not only at Mukai, but you can still order it in and around Bozeman as well as online.

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