Across the great state of Montana, you'll find more small towns than you will cities, and if you blink, there's a good chance you might miss a few of them. Most people take great pride in the places that they live and don't take kindly to criticisms and insults from others which is completely understandable.

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Some towns in Montana have a reputation for high crime rates and drug addiction. Home Snacks conducted a study in early 2023 and revealed that Billings, Montana is the most dangerous city in Montana due to having one of the highest crime rates in the state.

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Many of Montana's smaller towns and rural communities are facing a growing drug problem, and it's having a devastating effect on local residents. Sadly, the issues continue to get worse, and some places in the state have earned a reputation for being trashy. Remember Uncle Rico from the Napolean Dynamite? He's the definition of trashy in human form.

What is the Trashiest City in Montana?

Road Snacks used a variety of different factors to determine what city was the trashiest in Montana. Crime rates, drug use, and households with a single parent were all taken into consideration.

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After conducting the study, they found that Hamilton, Montana is one of the trashiest cities in America. They also included the following disclaimer.

This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.

Hamilton wasn't the only town in Montana that was featured on the list. Libby and Polson were also included in Montana's top 5 trashiest towns. Click here to read the full article and learn about the data used.

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