When folks think of living in Montana, they often think of rustic, log homes on an open range, or secluded in between majestic mountains.

In fact, many people move here to live the whole "Montana Dream" and they can't wait to decorate their new home with cowhide furniture, fur rugs, and expensive animal trophies that they didn't hunt.  But what do Montanans want when it comes to their dream home? What style do they prefer?

According to new data from CouponBirds, you just might be surprised as to what a Montanan's Dream Home looks like.

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The data goes on to say that:

Montanans, for example, would choose a 5-bed Pueblo Revival style home set in the country complete with a swimming pool, solar panels, double garage, large backyard, modern kitchen, and open plan living, complete with a steam room.

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For those of you that might not be familiar with the "Pueblo Revival" style, think southwestern adobe, which is extremely popular in Arizona, New Mexico, and California. I'll be honest, while it is not my preferred style, I haven't seen a whole lot of that around here in southwestern Montana.


Personally, I'm more of a rustic/modern type of person, but to each their own.

It seems one of the advantages of the Pueblo style is the ability to handle extreme temperatures, and if that is the case, that would make some sense of why it would be popular here in Montana.


So what do you think?  Is a "Pueblo Revival" house your dream home? Let us know by sending us a message on our station app.

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