As Bozeman continues to grow, so do the retail opportunities, or do they? Over the last few years, a whole lot of folks have decided that Bozeman would be a great place to leave, especially during the pandemic.

However, not only did the pandemic brings lots of new faces to Bozeman, but it also showed folks that they could do a whole lot of their shopping online. Multiple brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to keep their doors open, and that includes a few here in Bozeman.

A popular national retail chain with a building in a prime location announced that they would be closing soon, but there is a sign on the building that suggests something else is going on.

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Back in the spring, it was announced that the Bozeman Bed, Bath, and Beyond store would be shutting down, along with all of the other locations across the country.  At the time, the corporate offices said that the Bozeman location would be permanently closed at the end of April and that gift cards would be valid through May 8th of 2023

Bed Bath And Beyond Issues Bankruptcy Warning
Credit: Getty Images Scott Olson / Staff

However, a liquidation sale is still going on and in an added twist, there's a new sign on the building that brings up more questions than answers.

Credit: Townsquare Media
Credit: Townsquare Media

So am I the only one confused by this?  Are they closing or not?

There are a few different theories that are floating around on Social Media, and of course, you have to take all of these with a grain of salt, because nothing has been confirmed. Online, there was talk that the building was going up for auction. Once again, if that is true, then why is the sign saying "Big Changes and Better Shopping, Come In And See".

Bed Bath & Beyond Files For Bankruptcy, To Close All Stores By June 30
Credit: Getty Images Joe Raedle / Staff

There's also a rumor that a popular company is going to take over the space and will allow folks to actually purchase their products in the store, but that hasn't been officially confirmed either.

However, what has been confirmed is that has purchased Bed, Bath, and Beyond and that they will be re-launching the brand, but apparently, it will be online only. A press release from June, 28th, 2023 states the following:

"Within the next week, Overstock plans to re-launch the Bed Bath & Beyond domain in Canada, followed weeks later by the re-launch of a refreshed website, mobile app, and loyalty program in the United States. New and existing customers of both Overstock and Bed Bath & Beyond will experience a single online shopping destination"

Bed Bath & Beyond Closes Stores In Effort To Stave Off Bankruptcy
Credit: Getty Images Justin Sullivan / Staff

So what can Bozemanites and surrounding residents expect?  That still seems to be unclear, however, it's certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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