Many Montanans, including myself, commonly use this phrase without thinking twice. But I've begun to wonder; is this term more offensive than I realized? 

I recently got back to Bozeman after spending a few days in sunny Las Vegas. It was a great time—beautiful cool weather, nonstop fun, and shenanigans ensued. While I was down there, the National Finals Rodeo was also happening. My friends and I saw cowboys and cowgirls and some impressive trucks riding around the strip. 

Among the crowds, we saw quite a few lifted, fancy trucks, and there is a common term that Montanans use to describe the people who drive these types of trucks in city settings. 

Concrete Cowboys or Pavement Princesses

These two phrases are used to describe people who buy things like trucks for the status symbol—to show off their wealth, rather than to use them for a hard day's work. 

Photo by FourFour via Unsplash
Photo by FourFour via Unsplash

We don't have many of these people in Montana, but down in places like Las Vegas, they are a dime a dozen. The trucks down there will never see a day on a dirt road or pull anything on their hitch. It breaks my heart a little. 

Photo by Caleb White via Unsplash
Photo by Caleb White via Unsplash

So we have to ask you, are these common Montana phrases offensive or completely harmless (and accurate)? We think they are harmless, but then again, the new folks to Montana might have a problem with it. 

Vote below, and we will share the results soon. 

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