I wrote a story a week or so ago asking if folks in Montana were better off now than opposed to a year ago.  In fact, you can read the story here.

Lots of folks had comments and some of them were downright nasty, which isn't surprising.  Folks tend to be passionate when it comes to stuff like this.

A quick look at the numbers shows that things are more expensive in Bozeman and Montana than compared to a year ago.  Yet, lots of people felt that we were better off than a year ago, which at least to me, was interesting.

Nick said, "Yes very so, I am doing much better than last year".  Nick wasn't the only one. DeDe, Cotton, Bri, and Dezerae just to name a few, all said they're doing better than last year.

On the other side, a whole lot of folks said they weren't doing better.  In fact, the high cost of fuel and housing ranked high on the list of complaints of why. Lots of people blamed the current President for the issues that we're facing right now.

"Yes" or "no" ?

One person said, "I hope all of you that voted this administration in can see what you have done to the future of your children and grandchildren."  Steve said, "Elections have consequences and Biden's decisions are hurting me and my family."

Others of course blamed Trump. A few comments said that the reason things are so tough now is because of all the things the former President did. Then there was Alex who dislikes Biden's job performance, but clearly dislikes Trump even more.

This is what Alex had to say. "We are better off. Biden is doing a poor job right now. However, voting out a seditious criminal cult leader is the best course forward for the United States. If you still support Trump you do not support the United States Constitution."

Then there is this new guy "Brandon", I'm not sure who he is, but a lot of folks were cheering him by saying "Let's go".  I'm not sure where they want him to go, but judging by all the comments, he seems to be very popular.

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