Are you a fan of Impractical Jokers? If you're not familiar with the show - it's based on jokes, pranks, uncomfortable situations, and punishments that four friends from Staten Island, New York put each other through. I love it and I've been watching it for years. A buddy of mine introduced me to an episode and that was all it took for me to get hooked. I think one of the reasons it's so popular is because as you're watching - you can picture yourself and your friends doing the exact same ridiculous stuff that you're seeing on tv. My favorite is when I catch a really good episode and it'll have me cracking up out loud.....and my wife will come into the room to see what's so funny. Then she'll roll her eyes and walk away - almost as if she's taking an instant reassessment of her life and questioning her decision to marry someone so easily amused at such nonsense. Good times!

The show is pretty much based in or around New York City. So I guess when it comes time for vacation, what better way to get far from the big city than heading to the great outdoors of Montana for a little R&R? That seems to be exactly what James Murray from Impractical Jokers has done.

A video that was posted to Murr's Instagram page yesterday shows his reaction to getting an up-close view of a bear in the woods. He doesn't seem terribly afraid, but does appear to be a bit nervous about the encounter. At least he's ready with bear spray in hand. I was showing the video to someone here at work today and they said it looks like the video might be from The Resort at Paws Up. Sure enough, I poked around a couple of other pictures on Murr's Instagram and Paws Up is tagged in another picture. Dang! Look at that scenic view!

Maybe the bear interaction will provide some sort of idea for a punishment in an upcoming episode of the show. But hopefully it won't inspire a second Impractical Jokers movie.....because the first one was a bit rough.

Yep, Montana continues to be a destination for celebrities - for work and play.

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