A little over a week ago a grizzly bear took down a bull elk in the Yellowstone River just south of Canyon Village in the Hayden Valley. The bear dragged it to shore and had been defending his kill. Over the weekend a few female grizzlies ventured into the area. Watch one of the grizzlies bury the kill and then see a couple of grizzlies fight over the carcass in the video below.

At the beginning of the video, you can see the bear covering the carcass. Typically, when a bear claims a carcass they will collect everything closeby and bury it. The animal will find an appropriate spot and bury the kill under moss, sprigs, and soil.

The original grizzly that took down the elk, Bear No. 791, chased a six by six bull elk with a broken hind leg into the river. The video made the rounds and many have flocked to Yellowstone National Park for a chance to see these grizzlies in action. You can watch a video of the bear taking down the elk here.

As the winter season inches closer, bears become more active and begin to prepare for winter and hibernation. This process is called hyperphagia and it's when bears eat and drink nearly nonstop and are always on the hunt for food in order to prepare for the winter months. Grizzlies usually retire to their winter dens in November and December when snow begins to accumulate.



Yellowstone National Park September 2020

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