This is one of the many reasons why you should always keep your distance between yourself and wildlife in Yellowstone National Park.

This is incredible video on the Yellowstone Wolf Tracker's Facebook page shows a mom grizzly bear and her two cubs getting chased away by wolves from a bison carcass near Junction Butte in Yellowstone National Park.

Check out the video here.

This mother grizzly bear and her 2 cubs of the year were harassed and chased off by some members of the Junction Butte...

Posted by Yellowstone Wolf Tracker on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Credit:Yellowstone Wolf Tracker via Facebook

Isn't nature simply incredible?

The bison carcass is from rut season where right now it's mating season for the bison. Male bison have been known to fight each other very violently where one of them could end up dead. As you can see in the video the altercation ends with no fatalities of the wolves or bear/bear cubs.

The wolves seemed they just wanted to drive away the bears from their current food source. Apparently they have never heard the term "sharing is caring".

Just a reminder to all of those that plan on visiting Yellowstone National Park soon. You must keep at least 25 yards between you and bison or elk(personally I think it should be farther away) and at least 100 yards away from all other wildlife such as bears and wolves. Yellowstone isn't a petting zoo and you couldn't get seriously injured.

We just want to thank Yellowstone Wolf Tracker for this incredible video. It's amazing to watch.

Check out some more pics and videos at Yellowstone Wolf Tracker's Facebook.

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