A local hunter, Dash Rodman, got quite the surprise while he was hunting in Bear Canyon. As he sat in his tree stand he spotted a black thing quickly hop a fence. At first, he thought it was a black bear, but he soon realized it wasn't just any bear, it was a grizzly.

The grizzly was spotted last Saturday in the lower part of Bear Canyon about 1.5 miles from Bozeman Trail Road.

Once Rodman, who is co-owner of MAP Brewing, realized it was a grizzly, he quietly pulled out his phone to grab some incredible footage. Rodman was able to film the grizzly meandering on the forest floor about 30 yards away. He said, one of his first thoughts was "Am I seeing what I'm seeing?"

There were only about 15 minutes of light left when Rodman first spotted the grizzly. He planned to be leaving soon, however, the grizzly was walking in the direction he would be going. It made for a nervous trek back to his truck, especially when he kept seeing black objects appearing in the dark - which turned out to be cows. He spotted some of the bear's tracks and paused to take pictures of them (see below).


Rodman told us that he was "stoked" when Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks confirmed that it was indeed and grizzly that he crossed paths with.

To hear more about Rodman's experience with the grizzly tune in Monday morning at 8:05 a.m. when he'll join Dave & Ally on the XL Morning Show.

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