I remember wearing pantyhose.  I hated them then, and hate them now.  Although, I did love the plastic egg they came in!

I do wear tights with some outfits in the winter, but for me, and many other women, pantyhose are a thing of the past.

Now, some are saying pantyhose are making a comeback, thanks to Kate Middleton.

American women have largely abandoned pantyhose, or at least younger women have, with the generational dividing line somewhere around age 40.

There's been a spike in the sale of nude pantyhose in the U.K. since Kate made them part of her regular wardrobe, although it might actually be deference to royal protocol, rather than Kate's preference, that's led her to be a regular pantyhose wearer. Apparently, there's an unwritten rule about women wearing closed-toe shoes, mid-length skirts and pantyhose at royal events.

Do you wear pantyhose?  If not, would you, if it became a "new trend?"

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